ToeJam 5

By ToeJam (other events)

Sat, Aug 17 2019 12:00 PM Sun, Aug 18 2019 11:00 AM

ToeJam is BACK for the FIFTH time!!!! And for number 5, we're going above and beyond what you thought was ever possible!!

I'm talking:


We are STOKED for this year's festival, and are so excited that you'll be joining us.

If you don't know what ToeJam is here's a brief rundown.

ToeJam is a festival in Milton, NY raising money for the Vincent Pezzella Memorial Scholarship. Now in its 5th year, ToeJam brings music, art, friends and family together to raise money for a student pursuing a career in the performing arts.

After Vinny passed away in 2016, his family set up the scholarship in his name to help further a student’s dreams. An avid lover of music and music festivals, ToeJam is put on every year in Vinny’s honor to celebrate the life of a dear friend in the way he would have liked best.

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The address is 9 Van Del Drive, Milton NY, 12547

Via Car: Just plug in the above address ;) And remember to carpool!

Via Train: You’ll want to leave NYC via MetroNorth at Grand Central and take the train up to Poughkeepsie. Off peak tickets will run you ~$18 one way. The train takes about 2 hours, and Poughkeepsie train station is about 20 minutes from the ground. That cab ride is around is ~$20.

Via Bus: You can also take a bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal. Look for the Trailways Line, and get off at the New Paltz bus terminal. Tickets are $21 one way. You’ll need a cab or ride from there as well (also about 20 minutes away)


You’ll be parked whether you’re staying overnight or you’re leaving. If you’re staying overnight, there is a chance you will be blocked in so make sure you’ve got everything. In case of an emergency, there will be someone to give you a ride somewhere.

If you plan on leaving, you’ll be parked in a location where you can leave. We discourage people coming and going more than once to minimize traffic, congestion, and confusion. Plan to arrive, and stay overnight or arrive, stay for a while, and leave once.


We’ve ordered 3 beautiful  porta johns with hand sanitizing stations for your convenience. Bathroom needs or other emergencies? Talk to Joe or one of the staff members in the grey staff shirts.

If you’re feeling brave, you can go pee in the orchards behind the house as well. You still need to use the hand sanitizer tho, you nasty.


To those of you who were able to support us with VIP level donations, thank you! The VIP area of ToeJam is on the deck under the awning (the pool is still available to everyone). Bathrooms are directly to your left as soon as you enter the house. Please do not enter the rest of the house after using the bathroom. The crawfish boil will also take place on the deck around 2pm.

Medical Needs

Look for a staff member (again, in the grey staff shirts), and they’ll direct you in the right direction.



An important note about drinking and driving: If there’s one thing we care about most at ToeJam, it’s the safety of our guests, family, friends, neighbors, and members of the community. DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. This policy is NON-FLEXIBLE and we have ZERO tolerance for anyone attempting to skirt the rules. There will be members of the staff checking your sobriety before you’re allowed to leave the premises. If we deem you unsafe to drive, we WILL take your keys, and prevent you from leaving. If you ABSOLUTELY need to get somewhere, a member of the staff will be there to take care of you. Consider the consequences for your life, and the lives of others.

If for any reason you anticipate that this would be a problem by restricting your movement you have two options. 1) DO NOT ATTEND or 2) Reschedule your life so you can enjoy yourself responsibly. Your employer, professor, parent, friend, or anyone else would rather you show up hungover and late than not at all.

What time does the entertainment start?
1pm sharp! And it goes until 3 am. Festival grounds open at noon, so come early and stay late!

What Should I Bring?

- A TENT — part of the fun of ToeJam is camping out! We would absolutely love you to set up, stay overnight, and hang out. Bring blankets and pillows and anything else you’ll need to be comfy.
- Maybe some lawn chairs? Or a picnic blanket? — because sitting on the grass can get itchy
- Snacks — eat trash, be free.
- Water/bottles —  we’ll refill you, but you’ve gotta have something for us to put it in!
- Some beers (and an ID) — If you plan on drinking, you’ve got to take care of yourself. There is no alcohol for sale at ToeJam. We’ll be checking IDs at the door. 
- Ice/Cooler — we don’t have the storage capacity for ice for you all, so you’ll have to keep it cool yourself
- Sunscreen and bug spray — don’t get burned or bitten on our watch.
- A bathing suit! — We’ve got a pool, and you can use it! Just don’t be a jerk or you will get kicked out <3
- Earplugs — If you plan on sleeping, it’ll be pretty loud, so come prepared.
- Hula hoops, toys, fun things, cornhole, kan-jam, you name it
- Friendly pets — no biting and scratching please.
- A bag for apples!! — We’re lucky enough to have some apple trees on our property. Go buck wild! Pick as many as you like! They are in season and delicious!
- A smile :)

What Should I Not Bring?

- Glass — This is a place where being barefoot shouldn’t be a concern (and it’s also a home). Keep it in a can or in plastic, and keep blood off feet.
- Your own BBQ — We have a food vendor here for a reason, he cooks better than you. If you really want to cook something special, talk to Joe about using the grill.
- Fireworks/fire starting materials — fires are fun, but let’s save it for another night
- Valuables — We pretty much know everyone here, but that doesn’t mean mischief can’t happen. Keep your most prized possessions at home. If you must bring something, talk to Joe or a staff member about storing it inside.
- A disrespectful attitude — We’re at someone’s home. Let’s treat it that way and attempt to leave things the same way we found them. That also means: stay out of the garden, don’t trespass, don’t break the pool etc. etc.