ToeJam 3

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Sat, Aug 19 2017 11:00 AM Sun, Aug 20 2017 12:00 PM

We're back for round 3 folks!

Join us for ToeJam 3 on Saturday August 19th for a day (and long, long night) of music, food, and fun.

This year is going to be our biggest yet with:


The festival grounds open at 11:30 am sharp, so come early and stay late! We seriously have so much fun stuff planned for this year, you won't want to miss it! The Facebook event will be the best place to keep up with everything so...

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A portion of all profits from ToeJam 3 will go towards the Vinny Pezzella Scholarship in Trumbull, Connecticut. This scholarship will help provide college tuition to a student pursuing a future in the musical arts. If you'd like to support the festival and the scholarship in larger way, we invite you to purchase tickets at higher tiers to help us along our way.


What Should I Bring?

A TENT — part of the fun of ToeJam is camping out! We would absolutely love you to set up, stay overnight, and hang out. Bring blankets and pillows and anything else you’ll need to be comfy.

Maybe some lawn chairs? Or a picnic blanket? — because sitting on the grass can get itchy

Snacks — eat trash, be free.

Water/bottles —  we’ll refill you, but you’ve gotta have something for us to put it in!

Some beers (and an ID) — If you plan on drinking, you’ve got to take care of yourself. There is no alcohol for sale at ToeJam (that sort of thing will get us in trouble). We’ll be checking IDs at the door. The best place for beers is either this Stewart’s or the beer store which is just 2 minutes north of it on 9W. Another 10 minutes north on 9W brings you to Hannaford’s, should you need more snacks or food.

Ice/Cooler — we don’t have the storage capacity for ice for you all, so you’ll have to keep it cool yourself.

Sunscreen and bug spray — don’t get burned or bitten on our watch.

A bathing suit! — We’ve got a pool, and you can use it! Just don’t be an ass or you will get kicked out <3 

Earplugs — If you plan on sleeping, it’ll be pretty loud, so come prepared.

Hula hoops, toys, fun things, cornhole, kan-jam, you name it

Friendly pets — no biting and scratching please.

A bag for apples!! — We’re lucky enough to have some apple trees on our property (just the first row in the rear of the house). Go buck wild! Pick as many as you like! They are in season and delicious!

A smile :)

What Should I Not Bring?

Glass — This is a place where being barefoot shouldn’t be a concern (and it’s also a home). Keep it in a can or in plastic, and keep blood off feet.
Your own BBQ — We have a food vendor here for a reason, he cooks better than you. If you really want to cook something special, talk to Joe about using the grill.

Fireworks/fire starting materials — fires are fun, but let’s save it for another night

Valuables — We pretty much know everyone here, but that doesn’t mean mischief can’t happen. Keep your most prized possessions at home. If you must bring something, talk to Joe or a staff member (wearing a neon yellow wristband) about storing it inside.

A disrespectful attitude — We’re at someone’s home. Let’s treat it that way and attempt to leave things the same way we found them. That also means: stay out of the garden, don’t trespass, don’t break the pool etc. etc.